Good fingering charts are hard to come by. As a band director myself, I spent countless hours searching for accurate fingering charts that were easy to read and readily reproducible for my students. My search efforts in vain, I finally resolved to making my own fingering charts.

A few months ago, a thought struck my mind—what if I could have access to fingerings for all instruments in an instant on my mobile device? And so, the idea for First Chair Musician (FCM) was born—a website dedicated to providing instant access to high quality mobile-friendly fingerings to students and teachers alike!

All fingerings have been vetted by professionals, some of which include professionals from the Dallas Opera (flute fingerings) and the Houston Symphony (oboe fingerings)!

In order to meet the needs of both students and teachers, two subscription options are available: (1) all access for teachers and (2) single-instrument subscriptions for students or private lesson teachers.

In addition to the accessibility a mobile device offers, subscribers also receive access to high-quality printer-ready fingering charts.

What’s more? Subscribers also receive access to any future content added to the website (trill fingerings, alternate fingerings, etc).

Payments are made easily and securely through PayPal!